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Gridiron Legends ... with a Whistle — Part I
Jim Tunney - 31 years of excellence
By Darin Hayes
April 26th, 2013

Having finished a monumental series ("Disputed Calls," 20 parts), Darin Hayes looked around for another research mountain to scale. He writes:

Human nature seems to require us to look for tangible heroes who have characteristics similar to ourselves. Contrary to some fans' and coaches' beliefs, we officials are human, too, with many of the same desires as the rest of humanity.
This group of articles deals with the best (and most interesting) people ever to don the beloved stripes (the vertical ones, not the horizontal). Here is Part I.
How You Look at It — Part VI
Routines off the field
By Kent Holm
April 22nd, 2013

Just when you thought there couldn't be any more "routines" for Kent to talk about, here he comes with some more. Only this time, he's talking about stuff that happens before you hit the field. Log in and see for yourself.
Calls in Dispute — Part XX
We see it, but is it a catch?
By Darin Hayes
April 19th, 2013

Pass receptions many times cause trouble for officials, even when they have a good look at the play.

Today's article has a perfect illustration of this: More than one official had a good look at the play, but even so there was a question in their minds as to whether the pass was complete.

Come join Darin as he examines yet another disputed play from NFL history.

How You Look at It — Part V
By Kent Holm
April 15th, 2013

Kent has been showing that the official's perspective — the spot from which he views plays — has great effect on the outcome of his calls. But perspective in Kent's lexicon is not simply a physical view. It's also a mental one.

Go inside to find out what we're talking about.

Editor's note: It's the Ides of April, which means you have until midnight to file your 2012 tax return. Mine already in. How about yours?


Calls in Dispute — Part XIX
The touchdown that wasn't
By Darin Hayes
April 12th, 2013

Let me tell you this is a painful piece for a Steelers fan to write. It is one that totally goes against my Black and Gold blood; but — alas — my sense of what is fair and true wins out, and this story needs to be told.

Want to learn this sorrowful tale? Then please log in now and read the story about an officiating call that may have contributed to a dynasty.

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