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Jack Folliard — Part I
Exclusive Interview

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  Jack Folliard — Part I
  Jack Folliard — Part II
  Jack Folliard — Part III — After the big game.... Jack, how did you get into officiating in the first place?

Folliard: I was in college in the late 60s, and I was trying to figure out where to get "beer money."  I saw guys reffing frosh and jv basketball games and wondered how I could get involved.

I went to a local (Portland) basketball association meeting and listened to the whole idea of working. When the guy finished speaking, I asked a veteran official if  I had to be 21 to work. He had no idea. I found out 18 was the minimum age. 

Once we found out I was "legal," I jumped on the wagon. Freshman games paid, I believe, $6.00 a game and JV paid $7.50. I worked as often as possible, and found I had enough money at the end of the night for beer.

Note: In the 60s in Oregon, an official received a game check at the game site before each game. Did you have a mentor?


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