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How You Look at It — Part VI
Routines off the field

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Much of this series has dealt with developing and maintaining "routines" that serve not only to keep track of important information during the game but also to help you keep your "focus" and maintain concentration. Working a tight game between two well-disciplined teams is one thing; a blowout game with a lot of sloppy play is another. "Routines" can save your behind many times over, regardless of the type of game.

Today, however, let's take the discussion off the field and look at some preparation "routines" that can pay big dividends when game day rolls around. 

Start early

 Way back in the spring you should have had a good idea of what new uniform pieces and gear you'd need for the upcoming season. If your brain cramped and you "forgot" to get something, then here's step one in getting a routine started that will help keep you from doing it in the future.

When the season's over, figure out then and there what you'll need for next year and get it ordered. (Hey, you might even luck out and get an "end of season" discount.)

Make that, ordering the stuff you'll need for next year, a routine, and you won't have to worry about not having the right gear when that next season's upon you. And if something happens and you have to take a year off, you can (1) keep it boxed up for your return; or (2) take it to the association meeting and sell it. 


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