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Calls in Dispute — Part XX
We see it, but is it a catch?

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  Calls in Dispute — Part XX — We see it, but is it a catch?

In 1975 the NFL Cardinals called their home St. Louis and had earned the nickname of the "Cardiac Cards" from their fans because of some last-minute victories.

After losing the first game of the season series to the divisional rival Washington Redskins in D.C.,  the Cardinals wanted a home field victory to avenge the earlier loss. The Cards second meeting with the Skins seemed like another chance for St. Louis to strut their come-back prowess. Washington led the Cardinals 14 to 3 at the end of the third period, but the high powered Redbird offense, headed by their quarterback, Jim Hart, was ready to try to keep up their "last second heroics" tradition.

The two teams traded scores, and the Cards were pushing the comeback envelope to its fullest when it came down to the last play of the game. With 20 seconds left, the Redbirds had the ball on the Washington six as they trailed 10 to 17.


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