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Gridiron Legends ... with a Whistle — Part III
Art McNally - 'works of art'

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Art McNally is a name that all NFL fans have heard mentioned on one broadcast of a game or another. He is a very important man in the NFL and has contibuted many great years and ideas to make the game what it is today.

Officiating — beginning with "the book"

When asked about his officiating career, Art McNally has the pleasure of showing the inquisitor "the book." The book in McNally's case is an old-fashioned accountant's ledger he purchased shortly after he was discharged from the Marine Corps in 1946.

The ledger ended up being used for McNally's football officiating, where he logged every game he ever worked.

The first entry in his ledger was a sandlot football game between St. Anthony's and the Clymer Athletic Club at American and Luzerne streets in Philadelphia. The date recorded is October 13, 1946, and he earned $5 for the game. Entries such as that lasted his entire on-field career, 22 years to be exact. The ledger lists over 3000 games.


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