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Calls in Dispute — Part XIX
The touchdown that wasn't

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We as officials are taught to process what is occurring on the field before reacting to it. The basic premise is "take your time and get it right."

 The simplest things can help you do that, such as putting your flag on your waistband across from the more dominant hand, so as to make you take an extra second to reach across the front of your body to grab it. That delay should be subtle and momentary, and yet it could lead to a decisive — and correct — ruling.

Is there a time limit? This period of acceptablity will change somewhat based on a barrage of variables such as the circumstances, judgment versus gross violation, and coaches, to name just three.

Replay can cloud a call

How many times while watching an NFL game on TV do we see a play at regular speed that looks like the official got it right, only to see it slowed down and have questions arise about the call? Instant replay can make an official look like a brain surgeon one moment and a moron the next.


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